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Welcome to The Lair of the Dragon Raiders Xtreme
We are Dragon Raiders.

Our family guild provided us shelter as we learned our trades and crafts. They nurtured us, and gave us room to grow and explore. They helped us become who we are today.
We now honor that family. We have become the best. We are prepared.
We rank high in our class with reputation, skill, and knowledge.

We are Dragon Raiders Xtreme

Dragon Raiders Xtreme is an Alliance guild on Shu'halo. We believe ourselves to have a great destiny. We strive to mature with full PVE experience and to raid in end-game content. We take pride in being top notch in many aspects of the game.

Any alliance class of Shu'Halo having attained at least the level of 74 may apply to join our ranks. We welcome those willing to learn and those with experience to lead.

This is a PVE raiding guild that offers the following to its members:
  • Leadership support to form upper level raid events
  • Regular raid events to assist members in getting to upper level / end game content
  • Website with guild forums and informational content
  • Bank Tabs for ranked member access
  • A guild tabard
  • Promotions based on skill and gear
  • Raid member repairs increased with rank
  • Equitable looting system
  • Combat log analysis
  • Alliance with a family guild and a crafter's guild

How to Apply for DRX: